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5 (and 1/2) Reasons to go on the Bodeefit Fitness Retreat in Costa Rica

August 17, 2015

This list could really be 1,257 (approximately) reasons, but I capped it at 5 (and 1/2) so you can get on with your day, and begin daydreaming about your future trip to Costa Rica. <Sign up here if you're sold already.> If you're not sure what trip I'm talking about, checkout the recap of our last trip here.  It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Unless of course you decide to continue joining us on more trips in the future, like several people already have. The combination of beautiful surroundings, healthy lifestyle, incredible people, and the freedom to pursue a better version of yourself all collide in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica for 5 days and 4 nights of unforgettable memories.  It's maximum impact for minimum... Continue Reading →

Bodeefit App Update

July 30, 2015

Hello Bodeefit community!  As many of you have noticed over the past few weeks, we have recently pulled the Bodeefit app from all app stores. This app has been our mobile resource for bodyweight workouts, reaching over 400,000 people across the globe. However, this app was just scratching the surface of the vision we have for Bodeefit, and it has served it's purpose of delivering millions of equipment-free workouts to people in over 30 countries. We've seen the incredible impact that this app and initiative alone has had on people's lives, from unbelievable transformation photos to being used in the classroom to get kids moving. Those incredible stories are not taken for granted, and the time has come for Bodeefit to evolve... Continue Reading →