BODEE - [bod-ee], noun; The greatest tool at every human's disposal. Used correctly, this tool can be strong, lean, and healthy. Use wisely.

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Beat the Binge This Holiday Season

October 13, 2014

We've all been there. It starts with Halloween at the end of October. The sweat and hard work of the summer is slowly replaced my mass amounts of candy that we only buy this time of year, and pumpkin spiced everything (aka sugar spiced everything). The hard body workouts are replaced by "cozy" nights on the couch. As the pumpkins come and go, Thanksgiving arrives and the binge eating tradition begins. The smell of fresh baked bread and warm apple pie fills our homes, and we find ourselves on Thanksgiving night stuffed to the brim, fat, and happy. The Thanksgiving food coma continues on over the next couple of weeks with leftovers, more sweets, and more bread. Just... Continue Reading →

Is Online Personal Training For You?

September 22, 2014

The fitness industry has seen somewhat of a renaissance in recent years, as it's grown and evolved right along with the evolution of the internet. Online personal training (also called "online coaching") has become "a thing", and created an entirely new section of the fitness market. So what exactly is online personal training, and is it for you? Every online personal trainer is different, but the basics are mostly the same. Instead of meeting a trainer in person, an online personal trainer will give you a workout program to follow, and you communicate with your coach via phone or email on a daily or weekly basis. Some trainers manage your workouts via an online training platform, and some simply give you... Continue Reading →